I knitted this cardigan in just under two weeks, the fastest I have ever knitted a jumper for myself! I used a King Cole pattern for Riot Chunky Wool, but instead I knitted it in King Cole Big Value Chunky Acrylic Yarn instead. I knitted it on 7mm needles as I hadnt got the 6.5mm needles required and it knitted up lovely and just the right size. I knitted size 42 and it tool 7 x 100gm balls.

I like it so much I am going to knit another one in the new Marble Chunky by James Brett that we have in the shop this month.

King Cole 3372


This baby cardigan was knitted in King Cole Melody Double Knit by my friend Fiona Gregson who is a member of our Knit and Natter group at Crafty Addicts.

 Knitted in King Cole Pricewise DK, details in previous post.

I knitted another hat last night, I think I am a bit obsessed at the moment but I wanted a hat to match the cowl that I knitted in the same Riot Chunky Yarn  by King Cole.

This time for the first time ever I have made my own pattern so I am quite chuffed!!

Riot Hat Pattern

1 x 100g of Riot Chunky (King Cole) shade 650

1 x pair of 8mm needles

Cast on 58 stitches  (I used thumb method)

Row 1 and 3 – K2, P2, repeat to end

Row 2 and 4 – P2, K2, repeat to end

Row 5 – *K2, yf, K2tog, rep from * to end

Row  6 and 8 – Pearl to end

Row 7 – Knit to end

Row 9 – K4, *yf, K2tog, K2, rep from* to end

Row 10, 11, 12, as rows 6, 7, 8

Rows 5 – 12 sets pattern. Continue until work measures 7 or 8 inches ending after a pearl row so right side is facing.

Next Row – K2tog to end

Next Row – P to end

Next Row – K to end

Next Row – P to end

Next Row – K2tog to end

Break of yarn and pass back  through stitches on needle and draw up and stitch 2 sides together.

Just a couple of projects that I have made over the christmas break. I have only finished one of the slipper boots, the other one is nearly finished. I used Big Value Chunky  by King Cole and  a pattern by King Cole also.

The baby hat and mittens was made using King Cole Mood Double Knitting Yarn that I had left over after knitting a hat for myself. Not the usual colours that you see for a baby hat, but it  looks lovely, makes a change from blue or pink. The pattern was from ‘ The Knitter’ magaazine issue 36.

I also finished the back of my aran jumper last night. I am quite keen to get this finished as I have seen so many other things that I want to knit, but I am trying to be good and finish all the projects I have started!!

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Not one for letting my hands sit idle, my new current projects are a black lacy shawl in double knit and a polo neck jumper in aran yarn.








I have taken a plain polo kneck jumper pattern which I found free online at http://www.bernat.com/search.php?key=turtle+kneck&searchResults=&PATTERNS=Search and then added the Little Butterfly Stitch pattern that I found in Lets Knit magazine January 2012 edition.


This is a really easy stitch to knit and it knits up really fast. I will post another picture when I have done a bit more.







The other project I am doing is a lace shawl from the same magazine. My daughter Nicky pointed this one out, so I thought I would give it a go as I have never knitted lace before, and it has a lovely heart design. 

It is knitted in Double Knit Yarn which makes it easier as a beginner to lace knitting, although I chose to do it in black, which might not have been a wise choice at the beginning as it is hard to see when you have made a mistake. Nevertherless I have stuck with it and after a few mistakes and having to undo it twice because it is incredibley hard to pick stitches up when you undo a row if you have made a mistake, I have finally got the hang of it and I am motoring through it. It does become a lot easier once you know the pattern. I am looking forward to this being finished as it has been quite a challenge, as there are so many yarn round, slip stitch and pssovers. You really do have to  give it your full attention. I am using KingCole Pricewise Black Double Knit Yarn which is sold in our store






Anyway back to the knitting, I have already seen what i would like to do next. So many things to knit, so little time to do them.

Heather x x x

Well I have finally finished my purple ‘In the pink’ project. I am really quite pleased with it and I have had a lot of lovely comments on the colour and the pattern. I made the collar a little shorter than in the pattern but I am quite happy with how it looks. This is the first jumper I have knitted for myself in about 15 years.









Happy Knitting

Heather x x x

Here is a picture of one of our knit and natter members Jade, wearing her very first project that she has knitted using Wendy Frills Yarn. Hasn’t she done well. Well done Jade!

We have had a new delivery of King Cole knitting yarns in store last week and proving the most popular is the Riot Chunky 30% wool yarn by King Cole. In fact I couldnt resist myself, so I am now knitting a scarf (and maybe the hat) in the Blue shade 650. The scarf pattern is in Knit Today magazine issue 65. Maybe I will also do the cardigan or the jumper in the pattern below when I get chance! So many things to knit, so little time!!


Happy Knitting

Heather x x

Just arrived in stock this week, we have had a few new colours of ribbon scarf yarn. One ball knits up a reasonable length scarf and only takes and afternoon to knit. I knitted the one in the picture on Sunday afternoon. At only £5.10 a ball it makes for a very affordable scarf and would make a great gift for a loved one.


 Happy Knitting



x x x

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