I knitted another hat last night, I think I am a bit obsessed at the moment but I wanted a hat to match the cowl that I knitted in the same Riot Chunky Yarn  by King Cole.

This time for the first time ever I have made my own pattern so I am quite chuffed!!

Riot Hat Pattern

1 x 100g of Riot Chunky (King Cole) shade 650

1 x pair of 8mm needles

Cast on 58 stitches  (I used thumb method)

Row 1 and 3 – K2, P2, repeat to end

Row 2 and 4 – P2, K2, repeat to end

Row 5 – *K2, yf, K2tog, rep from * to end

Row  6 and 8 – Pearl to end

Row 7 – Knit to end

Row 9 – K4, *yf, K2tog, K2, rep from* to end

Row 10, 11, 12, as rows 6, 7, 8

Rows 5 – 12 sets pattern. Continue until work measures 7 or 8 inches ending after a pearl row so right side is facing.

Next Row – K2tog to end

Next Row – P to end

Next Row – K to end

Next Row – P to end

Next Row – K2tog to end

Break of yarn and pass back  through stitches on needle and draw up and stitch 2 sides together.