Not one for letting my hands sit idle, my new current projects are a black lacy shawl in double knit and a polo neck jumper in aran yarn.








I have taken a plain polo kneck jumper pattern which I found free online at and then added the Little Butterfly Stitch pattern that I found in Lets Knit magazine January 2012 edition.


This is a really easy stitch to knit and it knits up really fast. I will post another picture when I have done a bit more.







The other project I am doing is a lace shawl from the same magazine. My daughter Nicky pointed this one out, so I thought I would give it a go as I have never knitted lace before, and it has a lovely heart design. 

It is knitted in Double Knit Yarn which makes it easier as a beginner to lace knitting, although I chose to do it in black, which might not have been a wise choice at the beginning as it is hard to see when you have made a mistake. Nevertherless I have stuck with it and after a few mistakes and having to undo it twice because it is incredibley hard to pick stitches up when you undo a row if you have made a mistake, I have finally got the hang of it and I am motoring through it. It does become a lot easier once you know the pattern. I am looking forward to this being finished as it has been quite a challenge, as there are so many yarn round, slip stitch and pssovers. You really do have to  give it your full attention. I am using KingCole Pricewise Black Double Knit Yarn which is sold in our store






Anyway back to the knitting, I have already seen what i would like to do next. So many things to knit, so little time to do them.

Heather x x x